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Posted by TERRY williams on

Okay guys/gals here is something new we recently got in. We have been waiting on these new colors for a months now and it was a frustrating process. But we think the wait was worth it.

These straps are our standard angled hardware (brushed only) with our super tight killer nylon weave (made to put up with b.s.). Right now they are available in charcoal, orange, black/grey and navy blue.

We DO not sell crap. We ONLY sell products we truly believe are the best. If it isn't, then it is getting fedexed out of our store. In our honest opinion, you have to spend so much time researching ever day to figure out the best value for your dollar. That sh!t gets tiring, and who the hell has the time to do that everyday???? Not us (because I am filling your orders), so we take the guess work out of it and put the ToxicNATOs stamped approval on it.


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  • Just wanted to take a moment to give Terry some props for sending me a replacement Toxic Nato once I let him know that my original had frayed after only about 2 weeks on the wrist. Terry didn’t ask for the defective one back, he just sent me a replacement with no questions asked. With customer service like this (not to mention a great product), I’ll be coming back for more! Thanks Terry!

    David G. on

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