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On Time Podcast

Guys I want to let everyone know that there is another podcast out there I would like recommend, it is called On Time

Great group of guys that let it go when they are on the air. So if you have sensitive ears then please don't listen.

Recently I talked to a couple of micro watch brands about becoming a US repair center for them, that way you don't have to worry about watches being sent overseas if there is ever an issue.

So hopefully if this all works out we will cut down on some of the downtime customers have been experiencing in the past with some companies.

I have a few accessories I am working to bring to my store. Which will also include spring bars for later model Rolex's that do NOT have drilled lugs.

This has been a struggle finding some that would work, luckily one of my buddies had the right answer since he has been struggling to find this combo for a while.

Oh I just purchased a new watch from a company called Scurfa. Top-notch service and amazing quality you get for price range that his watches are in. I couldn't have asked for more. I have never been a fan of ceramic bezels inserts but it works on this watch.

So time to go back to my dark hallway...................................

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