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Posted by Angela Williams on

Check this out… I don’t talk much about the tools that a Brand like myself should be using because frankly I am still learning to be a Brand! However, my bro has a cool company that has really helped me out in price monitoring competitors. I don’t do this to get the jump on anyone but instead I want to make sure I am charging a fair price for all the great quality straps I offer. As most of you know we have some of the lowest prices around and on the flipside some of the highest quality and silkiest smooth straps in the market. 

Beyond that I am looking to grow outside of selling through my website. I am grappling with the idea of reseller agreements, minimum advertised price (MAP) agreements, how to monitor to ensure my sellers are hawking my wares at our agreed to price, etc… 

Its great to know I have this tool I can use to help monitoring my competition prices as well as my MAP.

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