Seiko Fat Bar alternatives? We have them!

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Hey gang straight up, the stock Seiko Fat Bar's are some of the best spring bars made hand downs. But one issue with them, they suck trying to remove them!!!! The reason why is because they do not have flanges on them. So you are essentially trying to dig under the sleeve of the spring bar to remove them. This can be a tough and intimidating process for anyone.

Toxic Fatties

How do we resolve this issue? Easy, get some Toxic Fatties. They actually have two flanges on them, so if your hands are still tired from removing the stock bars you won't have an issue with these babies. The Fatties come in the same diameter as the Fat Bars at 2.5mm thick. We carry these bars in 20-22mm at this time with the stock size 1.1mm tips.

Get your Fat on!


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